Each of us has one. Lives in it. Experiences everything through it.

But not everyone is aware of how they live from it, live with it….


Your BODY has vast sensory gifts that connect you with your world. But something more happens when you bring consciousness to it.  Something happens as your BODY discovers the relationship between itself and the consciousness-of-itSelf.  Something new gets activated within you. Something new comes alive.


Your BODY’s sensory gifts are available for you to engage with

and to include in the richness and kindness of your Life.


As infants we experienced everything through and in our BODY. We cried when we needed food, were physically uncomfortable, or when we sensed a lack-of-safety or Presence around us. But we lost something important as we acquired language and the excitement of moving forward. We lost the multi-sensory tuning-in to the worlds outside—and inside—of us.

Whole Body Focusing returns that to us through Whole Body Grounded Presence. Connecting from Whole Body Grounded Presence lets us sense being in relationship. It’s like being in Nature, when sensing and thinking come into balance and enliven something in us. Living from Whole Body Grounded Presence feels like “seeing” more accurately from all of our senses. It lets us sense ‘Me Here’ and ‘You There’ and helps us discern the honesty and safety of ‘We Here’—the relationship of two people or two sensations or two ideas.


Whole Body Grounded Presence lets you live fully in the magnificence of your BODY’s own wholeness. Your BODY becomes your North Star, your most reliable and honest guide. And your embodied heart and spirit become more present and comfortable in the world because You are, because your sensingSelf and your thinkingSelf are no longer in conflict.


When you engage from your BODY’s sensory gifts

you will discover the richness and kindness of your Life.