Are you longing for deeper connections with others?

How would deepening your sense of Self, your experience of Presence, support that?



Whether you’re an experienced Focuser, someone newly curious about it,

or have your own Practice of Stillness I’d like to share with you how I bring people into the direct experiencing of

Whole Body Grounded Presence.
This is Connecting from your em-bodied, sensing Self.


Each month I offer CIRCLES of SIX as well as regularly scheduled individual sessions by phone or skype. In-person sessions in the Santa Fe, NM area are also available.


CIRCLES of SIX are scheduled so that people around the world can participate at times convenient to their own time zone.

There’s a maximum of 6 participants in each 1.25-hour session @ $27.25USD per person.



Sunday November 16

9:00 AM  NM /10:00 AM Costa Rica / 5:00 PM Brussels / 6:00 PM J’burg



Individual Sessions available by phone, skype or in-person:


1 @ $85 USD

2 @ $155 USD